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About us is our partnership with local businesses to help you shop local and save local.

It’s every bit as good as it sounds - you get full value gift certificates to local shops, restaurants, and services at a 30% discount. That means, for instance, a 25 dollar gift certificate to your favorite local restaurant is yours for just $17.50!

There’s no catch - it works exactly the way we just described it. So maybe you’re wondering - how does it work? Easy. The businesses trade gift certificates for advertising on our Local Daily Media platforms. It’s a great deal for them, and it’s a great deal for you - simple as that!

Now, these aren't coupons. You don't have to buy 57 donuts just to get the 58th one free, or order seven complete dinners to get a complimentary slice of apple pie. There are no gimmicks. The certificates are good for their full value on everything you buy. Rare exceptions are disclosed before you buy them. You can buy as many as you'd like, and you can transfer them to anybody else. It’s just like any other gift certificate you buy from a business - only this time you’re paying 30% less.

At first, it seems too good to be true. But, in truth, it's just too good to pass up. For more information about how and why it works, please visit our FAQ page.


The Team